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Translation, localisation and interpreting

I offer translation, localisation and interpreting services from French, Spanish and Catalan to English.

I also translate from Portuguese to English, but do not provide interpreting services involving Portuguese (though I can supply Portuguese interpreters).


I provide various levels of editing for different types of clients, especially for international financial institutions and academic authors.

Specialist fields

I specialise in macroeconomics, sport (including sailing) and higher education, but can also offer my services in some other fields.

I am also highly experienced in translating and editing research papers, helping many authors from various universities to publish in prestigious international journals.

If your document is in a different field, just ask. If it’s not a field I work in, I’ll probably know somebody who does.

Fact-checking and question verification

Translators make excellent fact checkers and question verifiers, because these skills are part and parcel of our work. A good translator will check any facts that look like they might be incorrect and inform the client, suggesting any changes. Countless clients have thanked me for pointing out factual errors in their documents. Find out more about my fact-checking and question-verification services.

In every project assigned to him, Timothy showed extensive technical knowledge, great professionalism, dedication and the flexibility to adapt to changing deadlines and document versions. His eye for detail was reflected in the pertinent comments and questions he sent us before submitting the translation.

Washington DC, United States of America