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Research articles

If you work in academia or you are a researcher, you will probably need to publish papers in English. I help non-native English speakers publish in the language of most of the world’s leading academic journals.

Tim is effective, rapid and accurate. He even tells you mistakes he finds in the source text. Communication is always fluid and the final translation excellent. Thank you Tim!

Cerdanyola del Vallès, Vallès Occidental, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

My input goes beyond just translating and editing, as I also recommend changes you could make to improve your paper, thus improving your chances of being published in an English-language journal.

The list at the bottom of this page shows some of the articles I have helped to publish in English.


Between 2007 and 2012, while working as a part-time lecturer at the university’s Faculty of Translation and Interpreting, I translated and edited research articles for colleagues at the faculty.

I helped them publish their papers in international English-language journals, and continue to help them and academic staff at other universities to publish in English.

Instructions for authors

Most journals provide instructions for authors. A paper may be rejected if it does not adhere to these instructions. One way I help my authors to get published is by finding out which journal you are targeting and adhering to its guidelines.

Here are the answers to your questions, which show how carefully you’ve read the text. Thanks a million for your thoroughness.

Dr Montserrat Bacardí, Autonomous University of Barcelona
Cerdanyola del Vallès, Vallès Occidental, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

Should you write in English to save money?

If you are not a native or near-native speaker of English, writing your paper in English may work out more expensive than writing it in your own language and having it translated, and it will most certainly take you more time. Furthermore, the editor might misunderstand what you have written and thus edit it incorrectly.

If you contact me before writing the paper, I may be able to recommend other ways to save money, such as leaving terminology from your cited material in English and sending me a copy of documents you consulted (see below).

Third-party revision

When translating academic papers, I usually work with a colleague, so one of us translates the document then the other revises the translation. This ensures the quality is consistently high, and my clients are always delighted with the service.

Timothy’s work as a translator was excellent and his precision was most commendable.

Dr Martín Becerra, author of chapter 4 of
Communication and Cultural Policies in Europe
Quilmes, Bernal, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Save time and money!

One of the keys to translating and editing research papers is documentation. I begin the documentation process by downloading any material listed in your bibliography. Many academic papers are not accessible to the general public, so you can help me by sending me the pdfs of any documents you have consulted while you wrote your paper. Any other documents you have that are related to the subject of your paper will also help me to build a corpus that I can consult to ensure the text complies with the linguistic and discourse features of the genre.

Journal papers published

The following papers were published in a journal after I edited them or translated them from French, Spanish or Catalan to English. Please note that most are not free to access, so you may only be able to read the abstract.


Sports science

Translation and linguistics


Philosophy and religion

See also the paper by Nicole Martínez-Melis in the Translation and linguistics section above.



Other papers

I also translated or edited the following working papers and conference papers.


Higher education

Philosophy and religion


Translation and linguistics

Academic books

I also translated the book Communication and Cultural Policies in Europe, a compilation of academic articles about communication policies in Europe. Click here for more information about my books.