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Frequently asked questions

How much do you charge?

Rates depend on the size and complexity of the job. Please contact me for a free no-obligation quote.

What types of document can you translate?

I handle dozens of different document formats, including all Microsoft Office files, as well as desktop publishing formats such as InDesign. I return documents to clients in the same format as the source text. If you have an unusual document format that needs translating, just send me an e-mail or give me a call, and I’ll let you know whether I can work with the format.

What languages do you translate?

I only translate into English from French, Spanish, Catalan and Portuguese. However, I can also provide other language combinations by working with trusted freelance translators.

How do I know you’ll do a good translation?

Try me for free! New customers can take advantage of my free trial offer. E-mail or call me for more information.

You can read comments from satisfied clients on my homepage and on my LinkedIn profile. I can also send you samples of my translations, though please note that, for copyright and confidentiality reasons, I can only send you translations that are available to the general public (such as online), or which my client has expressly authorised me to share.

I need a website translating. Should I copy and paste it into Word?

No! Why make life complicated? I will look at your website and discuss the best way for me to translate it while creating as little work as possible for you. What I send you back will be ready for publishing online.

Do you translate pdf files?

Yes, but there may be an additional charge since it makes the translation process much more complex. Even if you can copy and paste from the pdf, there will usually be formatting problems, especially with line and page breaks. If at all possible, you should try to obtain the file from which the pdf was created, even if it is an uncommon format like Quark or InDesign. I can work with most file formats.

How do I pay?

I accept payment by wire transfer in 20 different currencies. Most clients pay in euros, pounds sterling, US dollars or Swiss francs, but I can also accept payments in the following currencies: Australian dollar, Brazilian real, Bulgarian lev, Canadian dollar, Czech koruna, Danish krone, Hong Kong dollar, Hungarian forint, Namibian dollar, New Zealand dollar, Norwegian krone, Polish zloty, Singapore dollar, Swedish krona, South African rand and UAE dirham.

If you would like your quote in a currency other than the euro, please say so when requesting a quote.

Which cities or countries do you serve?

I have worked for clients all around the world. You will send me your documents by e-mail and I will return them by e-mail, so it doesn’t matter whether you're in Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania, North America, Latin America or the Caribbean.

I still have a question you’ve not covered here

Just contact me and I’ll tell you anything else you need to know.