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Links for translators

I’ve tried to avoid the obvious links you’ll find on any list of links for translators, and I’ve also avoided very small glossaries. I hope translators will find these links useful.

Bookmarklets (tested in Firefox 22.0)

These bookmarklets can be dragged on to your bookmarks toolbar (you may need to activate the bookmarks toolbar). I’ve tried to keep the names of the links short so they don’t take up too much space. To group links together, right click on the toolbar and click “Add seperator”.

To use the bookmarklets, either select the term you want to look up on the page then click on the bookmarklet, or select nothing and type a term into the search box that appears. Please note the bookmarklets will not work from the speed dial page on Firefox. If you use the bookmarklets regularly I would recommend disabling speed dial, as explained here.

Monolingual dictionaries

Merriam Webster (US English)

Oxford English Dictionary (British English). A new version that works for all words!

Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary (British English). Contains useful explanations for non-native speakers.

Reverso/Collins (English)

Collins Concise (WordReference English)

Reverso/Collins synonyms (English)

Diccionari de l’Enciclopèdia (Catalan)

DIEC2 (Catalan)

RAE (Spanish)

Bilingual dictionaries

WordReference Spanish-English

WordReference English-Spanish

WordReference French-English

WordReference English-French

Reverso Spanish-English

Reverso English-Spanish

Reverso French-English

Reverso English-French


Dictionaries and glossaries in Google Books (mainly English, French and Spanish)
Google Books

Spanish<>English Linguee
Sp Ling

French<>English Linguee
Fr Ling

Bookmarklets on other websites

EUdict dictionaries: A smorgasbord of bookmarklets in a plethora of language pairs. Various bookmarklets between Vietnamese and major languages.

Three glossaries all translators should add to their database

  • EUROVOC: The thesaurus is available in many different formats but I reccomend downloading the one that says Eurovoc Excel distribution.
  • Free Trade Area of the Americas: Not in the same league as the above, but still a great glossary. It is complicated (though not impossible) to add to a terminology database. If you don’t want the hassle of importing it into a termbase, download each page separately to your hard drive so you can find the terms using a desktop search tool. (EN,ES,FR,PT)

The best of the rest - more useful glossaries

  • Festo Didactic: A quite magnificent technology glossary. (AR,DE,EN,ES,FR,IT,PT,SV)
  • Federal Statutes of Canada - Fr>En, En>Fr: Legal terms, but useful for many fields between English and French (EN,FR).