Spanish-English translator Timothy Barton

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Communicate in English

My translation services allow businesses in Spain and Latin America to communicate with the rest of the world in English. I also work with international institutions, who trust me to understand their texts and deliver the same message in English.

By using the services of a professional translator with the necessary skills and expertise, you can increase the impact of your communications.

Having lived in Spain for 13 years, studying and working in the country, I have acquired an excellent understanding of the nuances of the language, enabling me to understand the writer’s intention and to reproduce the same effect in my native language, English. If you need fit-for-purpose English copy that sounds like it was written in English, I can deliver what you need.

It’s tough to translate advertising material and you did a great job trying to find alternatives for each word while maintaing the idea and concept behind each message or slogan.

Barcelona, Barcelonès, Catalonia, Spain

I also provide my services to authors of scientific papers, enabling them to publish their work in the most prestigious peer-reviewed English-language journals.