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Oshiwambo translations

For translations from English to Oshiwambo and from Oshiwambo to English, I usually work with Sarafina.

Sarafina is an Oshiwambo language teacher and a board member of the Namibia Library and Information Council. She will shorly be starting a PhD programme at the University of Cape Town, majoring in African Languages and Literature. She also writes about the Oshiwambo language on her blog.

Sarafina helps numerous writers and language practitioners with their Oshiwambo writing.

If you require a translation into Oshikwanyama, Oshindonga, or any of the other languages of Namibia, contact me for a free quote. Call +264 81 822 5088, send me an e-mail, or contact me via Facebook.

I was very impressed with the quick response, efficient service and quality of work. We will definitely use Anglo Premier Translations again.

Elzanne Wylie, Senior Associate at Ellis Shilengudwa Incorporated
Swakopmund, Namibia

About Oshiwambo

The Ovambo language, Oshiwambo, is spoken by around 1,000,000 people. It is a diverse language, with many eight different dialects, two of which have written standards: Oshikwanyama and Oshindonga.

The homeland of the Ovambo people is in the north of Namibia, in the present-day regions of Ohangwena, Omusati, Oshana and Oshikoto, and in neighbouring parts of southern Angola. Thanks to migrant workers, however, the language can be heard in many other parts of the country, especially in the capital, Windhoek, and in the mining towns of Oranjemund and Lüderitz in the ||Karas region.