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Translation services for the Paris 2024 Olympics

In 2024, Paris will host the greatest show on earth: the Olympic Games. The Games return to the birthplace of Pierre de Coubertin a hundred years after the last Paris Games, in 1924.

The venues in and around the city will be ready for the Games to begin on 26 July 2024. But will your business be ready to profit from the influx of foreigners visiting France?

For the tourist industry

Various studies have shown that the vast majority of Internet users search and browse the web in their own language, so if your website is only in French, you are at a distinct disadvantage. By having your website translated into English now, you can get a head-start over your competitors, making your business visible to fans, football associations and media organisations planning their trips to France for the event.

An English website can benefit many types of businesses, from bars, pubs, restaurants and hotels to tourist attractions and leisure and cultural activities.

Apart from your website, I can also translate your brochures, restaurant menus, shop signs, leaflets, social media posts and many other documents. And I’ll deliver a product that is ready to print or publish, saving you time and money.

For the media

Don’t risk misquoting or mistranslating the athletes, coaches and officials whom you interview. I can translate transcripts and recordings or provide you with on-site interpreters for interviews and press conferences. Don’t let the language barrier stop you from getting an interview with a star athlete.

I provide interpreters who are experts not just in the source and target languages, but also in the language of sport.

I can also offer subtitling for your interviews with athletes, coaches and officials.

For organisers

Nothing looks less professional than poorly translated official material. Contact me to make sure your programmes and merchandise are translated accurately and naturally, portraying the best possible image to visiting fans.

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